Ziele / 26. August 2016

Putting profits to good use

This is the english translation of “Mit Gewinnen Gutes tun“.

Our second grandchild, Josefine, was born on November the 12th, 2010. She might have been premature, but otherwise she was nothing but a little bundle of joy! We felt very grateful, not least because the pregnancy had been far from plain sailing. Everything seemed to be fine – until Josefine got severe meningitis at the age of just seven days old.
She was still in the intensive care unit for premature babies and had to be operated on straight away. It became clear that she would not survive the inflammation of her cerebral membrane unscathed. The doctors delivered a gloomy prognosis, and we are extremely lucky that Josefine has been spared many of the consequences they predicted. Part of that is down to the fact that my son and daughter-in-law have always supported and encouraged her wherever possible. She is still left with a complex set of disabilities.

A promising treatment for my granddaughter

My granddaughter has already had to spend a lot of time in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. She now goes to a Protestant kindergarten, where she receives wonderful one-to-one care. The staff are always saying how smiley she is. Her sister, Isabelle, is nearly three years old and attends the same kindergarten, which is great for both of them.
We are in no doubt that Josefine is a bright girl who is ready to learn and tackle the challenges ahead of her. But she needs the right stimulation! We see Doman therapy as a promising option in this regard (https://www.iahp.org). The treatment has been in use since the 1950s, and trains physiological patterns observed during the natural development of healthy children. It also involves the intense stimulation of the senses.

My task: To raise money and use my contacts

Doman therapy represents a great opportunity for my granddaughter. This makes it all the more difficult to bear that the treatment is not approved in Germany and therefore not covered by health insurance plans. Our research suggests that putting Josefine through Doman therapy would cost around €200,000.

As a businessman and a grandfather, I see it as my duty to put as much of my own money as possible into helping Josefine. But I can’t pay for the therapy on my own. I therefore appeal to my network of contacts to help me raise the money required. In other words: I am looking for people who can make a financial contribution which makes it possible for Josefine to go through Doman therapy. We hope that it will enable her to go on to lead an essentially independent life.

Gratitude – whatever happens

Our granddaughter turns six in November. Some things are not quite as we hoped and prayed when she was born. Despite this, there is only one thing I can say: Thank God for Josefine! It fills me with happiness every time I see her smile, and I am so glad that she is part of our family!


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